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  • Our Competences

    Our Competences

Business Transformation

Business Transformation

Each business transformation process is a complex one. PM TEAM has a competitive advantage and proved competencies in the successful implementation of innovations in every part of the client company management system.

The speed and depth of innovation increased greatly in the recent years. Internet and social media, digital services and big data, robotics and automation, remote job opportunities on the one hand and a wide variety of services and products on the other “spoiled” the consumers. The main competitive advantage is the speed and scale of changes that a business system may adopt in a short period of time.

PM TEAM leads projects on business transformation and management system adoption for its clients in the challenging conditions of the new market.


We help our clients to develop their strategy and tune the management system to meet the strategic plans in order to act in the most efficient way.


We offer a wide variety of methods and approaches that are carefully customized according to your particular needs:

  • from one-time consultation to a full-scale project with the help of the industry and function experts if required
  • from the selection of a strategic solution (described in a one-pager) to the development of a strategic business plan with a budget, KPI system, motivation system, control system and other means of strategic management

Our methods are based on the logic of strategic planning and management and include:

  • high-level goal setting (mission, vision, stakeholders attitude, strategy horizon)
  • analysis of the environment and a strategic forecast
  • a strategic choice from alternatives, goals detailing, KPI development, special and functional strategy design
  • strategic business planning and budgeting
Management Systems and Organisational Structures

Management Systems and Organisational Structures

Organizational structure is a special design of a business system defined by its content and maturity. A good design helps the business to grow, whereas a bad one - distorts and ruins.

We offer our services to improve the various aspects of the management system.

We offer a wide variety of methods and approaches that are carefully customized according to your particular needs. The most common ones are the requirements for the entire or partial improvement of the management system:

  • organizational structure
  • sales system
  • planning and budget system
  • system of financial and economic activity analysis
  • management accounting system

and many others (loyalty management, corporate culture management, purchasing management, cost management, risk management, etc)

Business Processes

The process management is the most efficient way to manage an organization. In a competitive environment this method is a powerful tool of market success.

The organization may benefit from the local application of the elements of process approach as well as from adopting a full-scale process approach in all types of the enterprise activity.

Business Processes

We have a vast experience in business process management and help our clients in all aspects of this topic.

We offer services in:

  • business process description and regulations (we use ARIS software as a main tool)
  • process improvement (cost, duration or quality optimization)
  • process re-engineering and engineering (when the process design is unsatisfactory and needs to be changed from scratch)
  • implementation of process management


The various activity indicators play a great role in the company management system. Well-developed and implemented indicators help to increase the system efficiency, whereas the badly designed ones may harm and even ruin the business system.

We help our clients to develop the strategy and tune the management system to meet the strategic plans in order to act in the most efficient way with the help of KPIs based on Balanced Scorecard methods.
We suggest a wide variety of methods and approaches that are carefully customized according to your particular needs:

  • from one-time consultation to a full-scale project with the help of the industry and function experts if required
  • from the selection of a strategic solution (described in a one-pager) to the development of a strategic business plan with a budget, KPI system, motivation system, control system and other means of strategic management

Motivation and KPI

Motivating personnel does not mean dividing the salary budget into shares just for someone coming to the workplace. A Motivation System means managing personnel in a way by which they can achieve their personal goals only through achieving the main objectives of the company.

Motivation and KPI

Bonus system and other benefits should be designed in accordance with the personal performance.

One of the most efficient solutions is to assign KPIs to the motivation system. We assist our clients in doing this properly.

Personnel Assessment

Personnel Assessment

All people prefer to judge others but nobody likes to be judged. Personnel assessment may motivate staff or cause stress – this depends on the approach, methods and tools used.

PM TEAM always shares the transparent «rules of the game» when providing the assessment services to its clients.

We deliver three different types of assesement:

  1. Classic assessment based on the international standard HRE (Human Resource Excellence)
  2. Express assessment based on PM TEAM’s unique methods, including assessment and educational modules (customized for each client)
  3. Grading assessment by the career matrix – PM TEAM’s unique technology combining the Hay approach to grading and a special career matrix tool that helps to put all career and personnel development opportunities within one company into a system (see an example of the project).
The Human Resource Excellence® Standard requires the organisation to...
  • Continually analyse its performance and strategically Plan for what it wants to achieve.
  • Devise effective systems to acquire the right people and develop its existing people so as to achieve its Goals & Objectives.
  • Achieve ‘cost effective excellence’ in the planning for and the delivery of its training & development activities.
  • Thoroughly analyses the effectiveness and value of its training & development activities.
  • Strives to develop an organisation culture & work environment which facilitates excellence in people’s performance, attitudes & behaviour.
certificate HRE

Executive Search

Qualified professionals are always needed. This is why they are in deficit. The competition among the best employers increases if the employees are effective. The offers are usually comparable on the basis of material goods - that’s why the employee makes his choice due to the frail tunings, emotional feelings, hidden “biochemical” factor. Such things are complex to formalize and they refer to the expectations management.

Executive Search

With our help the expectations of the professionals you are interested will transform in into concrete actions in order to motivate them to enter your company.

We’ll select for you just those very people whom you wish to see in your managerial or project team. It is easy for us to find them – they are our friends. "My friend's friend is my friend", - the famous proverb says. This is why our candidates make their choice in favour of our clients.

Our services in executive search:

Top management:

  • general management
  • administrators
  • directors of all functional sectors

Middle management:

  • marketing
  • sales
  • HR management
  • finance management, including accountancy and analytics
  • juridical ensuring

For project teams:

  • project directors (any specialization)
  • project administrators
  • full project teams formation
  • team building
  • project teams motivation
Corporate Trainings

Corporate Trainings

Successful innovation is the most complicated process for any company. Unique technologies, wise decisions, new product ideas may fail because of the personnel resistance.

People would normally reject things they do not understand and hence do not accept them.

PM TEAM always pays special attention to the knowledge base of the client’s project team and provides all tools and methods used in a particular project delivery. We understand that some of these methods and tools may require special skills from their users, who in their turn may not have the necessary time available for a full-scale education. This is why we provide training seminars to our client’s team throughout the project delivery. The given agenda is customized to fit the particular issues we have to deal with during the project.

Some of these courses became very popular as they helped to adopt modern innovations in the various fields of enterprise management.

All of our courses are designed in a very practical way – we are not “selling the theory”, we rather provide plenty of practice.

We use up-to-date cases based on our experience and on that of our clients (with due respect to confidential information) and regard every training session as a short project with an output value that can be used the next day after the class.

Personal Advisor

The crisis period demands a special accuracy in forecasts: concerning the enterprise activity, tendencies of different markets and areas development, atractiveness of these or those products, development of your own career.
The forecast accuracy is the reduction of risks and costs of the enterprise while preserving or increasing the profits.

Personal Advisor

The head of the enterprise or the entrepreneur always makes decisions by himself thus becoming responsible for all the risks of his business - and that is why a confidential professional consultation with experts in different branches and areas of knowledge allows one to make an optimal decision even in the most unpredictable period.
Sometimes even the most experienced inner specialists, busy with their everyday operational work, can't see and avoid systemic problems of their enterprise in time. In the crisis conditions managers are likely to sacrifice the important in the sake of the urgent. Important problems tend to accumulate and at last they may influence the whole business in a irreversible way. In order to solve the important problems one should devote some time to a confidential conversation with an unengaged specialist who has a great professional experience - but on the other hand doesn't belong to this or that group within the enterprise.

Such a conversation helps the owner of the enterprise or the general manager to view the situation on the whole, from the top - and determine the key points of important decision-making.

We consult our clients in the style of a "family doctor" or an adviser - you may discuss any issues emerging during the enterprise everyday operation with our experts.

Personal adviser is a service for the well-off who are likely to share the risks of the best decisions choice with specialists having a great experience in the anticrisis management of different branches and functional areas.

All recommended specialists have a positive experience of solving problems in the previous crises periods - including international scale. We can organise a consultation with the experts in your prime time - both in face-to-face and distant conditions.

We would like to draw your attention to the scale of this service: we can engage for the consultation almost any specialist whose opinion is important for you even if you didn't find him immediately on our web-site.

We guarantee absolute confidentiality of conversations.

Career Development

Career Development

The world is a variety of opportunities – the point is to see them. We’ll help you to perform a correct positioning in the conditions of the competitive labour-market, share our information concerning the sphere of different professions and branches, compose together both strategic and operative projects of your career development, give you the up-to-date forms of CV.

Our services include the following areas:

  • Informing on the labour-market and the cost of concrete vacancies
  • Help in the area of Professional Orientation or Change of Trade
  • Career development stage-by-stage consulting
  • Evaluation or preparation of the CV, orientation in the job search methods

We’ll give you all the necessary information concerning the composition of a competent career development program. You may contact our consultants in the chosen area and book a consultation or choose from the “career menu”.

Contents of career development consultation:

What the career is

  • When career becomes the motivating factor
  • Should everyone make a career
  • The essential steps of any career
  • Forming the specialist/manager
  • Winning the recognition of the specialist/manager
  • Sale yourself to the company (policy of the entrance and promotion)

Life cycle of the Company and "career cycle" of the Manager

  • Life cycle of the Company: essential steps
  • Career cycle of the Manager
  • A career is a cycle but not a scale (process, not the result)
  • Career phase correlates with the Company development phase
  • When the phases do not correlate: a barrier or an opportunity

Critical points of the company development - era of changes

The principals of forming the scale of ranks in the company on the basis of infomal signs

Career management

  • Strategic plan of career development
  • Operative plan of career development
  • Career risks
  • How to tell "the beginning of the end" from "the end of the beginning" of the career
  • The skill to fight fire with fire
  • The skill to tell seeds from tares
  • The skill to define "the beginning of the end" in time
  • The skill to define "the end of the beginning"

"The comfort zone" traps

Essential phases of a successful career

  • Career «benchmarking» or the rush after the leader
  • Attributes and rituals of the power vs the real power
  • Time of changes in the career
  • Inner and outer price of the specialist/manager
  • What a successful career may come

Marketing Research

Lead Generation is the main criteria of good marketing. Marketing is the basis of any business – and this is the reason why stakeholders in Russia rarely delegate strategic marketing decisions to a hired professional manager. At the same time a really professional marketing activity uses a lot of different tools and methods - and it costs a fortune to have all marketing functions in-house.

Marketing Research

We provide the following services to our clients:

  • competition analysis
  • marketing research in product placement
  • marketing research in client's loyalty and customer retention
  • key commitment factors and modelling
  • marketing & sales process analysis (optimization, re-eingeneering , setting KPIs)
  • sales model audit (setting KPIs, optimization)
  • assessment of the marketing & sales strategy as applied to the company strategy (with advice on functional strategies' optimization)
  • audit of marketing & sales policy, reglamentation, employed tools, etc (advice on improvement)
Project Management

Project Management

All personnel activities can be virtually subdivided into process-oriented (repetitive) or project-oriented (unique). This means that the overall activity management would rely on the tools designed for process or project management.

Project management is an essential part of the company’s development. It is the project activity that truly changes the organisation, while the process activity exploits the results of the previously delivered projects on a daily basis. Moreover, some sectors of economy would operate through project delivery only (e.g. consulting).

We help our clients to control and improve their project activity using PMI or Agile standards.

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